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In a Berlin Café called "KLEISTHER" I showed some Computer Drawings in the autumn of 2000.
The pictures there were grouped like this:

Left hand side      (12 Drawings)

Left side in the back     (12 Drawings)

Right side in the back  (15 Drawings)

Right hand side   (12 Drawings)

"Some years agoe, maybe in 1989 or so, I startet programming a small drawing programme in the computer language C. It was by far not as mighty as the commercial programmes are, but it had some nice things, that other promgrammes do not have, and that I needed or liked. I called it SKIZZO (from german Skizzen->sketches) and used it for drafts and doodles. So there gathered quite a few. I now had the desire to show some of them." Th.H.